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Books to ignite summer reading

The school holiday period doesn't have to be a time when children's reading and comprehension skills take a break. If you're wracking your brains for gift-giving ideas and summer activities, why not encourage your child to dive into book one of a series? Literacy experts advise that even reluctant readers and children who struggle with reading tend to be more likely to get bitten by the reading bug when they discover a book they enjoy is part of a series. By the end of the first book, the reader is familiar with the style, the setting and many... Read more

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The new curriculum and your child

How do teachers decide what your child will study each term at school? How do composite or combined classes work? Why do students at different schools seem to be studying entirely different things, despite being in the same year? And what will happen next year, when the new Australian curriculum starts in NSW for both primary and secondary schools? Understanding how the curriculum relates to the real world of the classroom and to your child's daily lessons can help you better support them with their homework and study. It will also help you... Read more

Charlie and Lucie holding Captain Cook's shoe buckle

FAROUT - State Library Visit

The State Library visited on 20th November 2013 with some amazing pieces of history from the NSW Sate Library. Children from across the region were invited to come along and participate in this very education and entertaining visit.A big thank you to the State Library for chosing Warialda Public School to host this seminar.... Read more

Sports Council Awards

Charlie Cush wins Sub Junior boy Sports person of the Year and Rosie Mayne wins Sub junior sports person of the year for the girls. Congratulations to both Charlie and Rosie for a year of outstanding achievements.... Read more


Lions Peace Poster Design Competition

Students were approached by Lion's branch representatives to design a poster resembling peace with the theme Our World, Our Future. Every child aged 11 up had time during art lessons to design and complete a poster for judging which took place on Tuesday last. The winners were announced on Thursday 13th November at our assembly. First place Eden Spargo, second place, Lleyton Harrison and equal third place Millie Turner and Chris Keeley.... Read more

Benefits of team sports

Benefits of team sports If you want your child to grow up to be a confident and well-adjusted adult, then team sports may be the answer. Playing a team sport provides kids with important lessons in personal values. Kids learn that things don't always go their way and that they need to respect their peers as well as referees and sports officials. These experiences can influence them throughout their lives, such as when it comes to working for a boss, or respecting the police or other authority figures. When your kids take part in team sports... Read more

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz raises the roof!

The preparations are over and the curtains have been drawn on the show of the year! The cast and crew from the Wizard of Oz musical raised the roof last night with a performance the community will be talking about for weeks. Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow and crew made it all the way to the Emerald city and beyond! Congratulations to everyone involved!... Read more

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Sports Council award nominees

Warialda Public School is proud to announce their representatives for the 2013 Annual Sports Council Awards. In the Sub Junior Boy category we have Charlie Cush, Tye Smith and Deacon Sankey. In the Sub Junior Girl we have Rosie Mayne, Georgie Curtis and Lucy Hawkins. In the Team of the Year category we have the Open League Tag girls and the Open Boys Rugby League team. Good luck everyone!... Read more

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

The cast and crew of this years production are very busy in preparation for the best show in town. Parents and friends are invited to the performance which will be held on Thursday 31st October 2013 at the Warialda Memorial Hall. Tickets are on sale now from the front office. Well done to the staff and students for your commitment and dedication in making this a performance which will be talked about fondly for a long time.... Read more

A better way of funding our schools

The NSW Government is introducing a new funding model for all NSW public schools that is simpler, fairer and more transparent. The funding model is a key part of a broader education reform called Local Schools, Local Decisions, which places students at the centre of school decision-making. It gives principals and their school communities a greater say over how they allocate and use their available resources to best meet the needs of their students. When fully implemented, schools will manage more than 70% of the state public school education... Read more

Sub Junior sports awards to WPS

Georgie Curtis and Charlie Cush both were awarded with the monthly sports persons award. This will make two monthly awards for Charlie and the first for Georgie. Congratulations Charlie and Georgie.... Read more

Rosie is flag bearer at Homebush

Rosie Mayne was selected to be the flag bearer for the North West team competing at Homebush Stadium today. Rosie competed thismowning placing 21st. Well Done Rosie!... Read more

Is your child gifted?

The notion of giftedness in children has become part of many parents' conversations. Yet ask anyone what 'gifted' means and the concept remains mysterious, sometimes stigmatised, and often perplexing for parents who think their child may be extremely bright. About 10 per cent of the population is gifted. That is, they are significantly advanced beyond their peers in at least one of four areas – intellectual, creative, social or physical. Those who add skill to their gift are recognised as gifted and talented. Children who are gifted have... Read more

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The Buzz

Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!

Yes! the second edition of "The Buzz" has hit the shelves. A massive but fantastic achievement by our very talented students. Congratulations!... Read more


Charlie Cush at State Golf Port Macquarie

Charlie Cush travelled to Port Macquarie on Sunday last to compete in the NSW PSSA State Golf Tournament. Over 80 players were on the field for two days battling with the greens. Charlie played well sinking a birdie on the 8th and parring four holes. This is charlies second state representation with another coming up in October making three for 2013. Congratulations Charlie on a massive achievement.... Read more

100 metre final

Four make State Athletics

On Friday 6th September, 12 W.P.S students travelled to Tamworth to compete in the North West Athletics Carnival. Four out of the twelve made it through the tough competition securing a place in the State Carnival at Homebush in October. Bailey and Georgie Curtis for running, Charlie Cush for long jump and Rosie Mayne in the 800 metres. Good luck to these students and congratulations.... Read more

Learning in the outdoor classroom

It's Outdoor Education Week – the perfect time to reflect on how outdoor education plays a major role in students' learning, problem-solving abilities and wellbeing. Learning in the outdoors brings together the benefits of formal and informal education and provides meaningful education for 21st century kids. By acquiring knowledge and skills through practical or hands-on activities students learn about consequences, develop resilience, and learn to take risks in a safe environment. Participating in an outdoor challenge or experience can make a... Read more

Book  Fair 2013

Book Fair - An amazing affair!

Book Fair 2013 exceeded all expectations with children and staff dressing as their favourite book characters. Families purchased almost $2000 in books, watched the parade and enjoyed visiting the classrooms. Congratulations on another successful event!... Read more

W.P.S launches Facebook page

Warialda Public School now has a facebook page where you can keep up to date with everything that is happening at the school. Please jump on and LIKE us!... Read more

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Charlie Cush Zone 11yrs Boy Champion

Zone champion

Charlie Cush Zone 11 Yrs Boy Champion.... Read more

Regional athletics

On Friday 6th September 14 students will travel to Tamworth to compete at regional level. Students competing are: Bailey Curtis Charlie Cush Hunter Rose Joshua Jones Brodie Wallace Lachlan Martin Deacon Sankey Andrew Marle Georgia Curtis Rosie Mayne Isabella Reardon Courtney Barwick Calee Tranter Makayla Bryce We wish them luck and hope they make it through to the next round in Sydney.... Read more

Spelling Bee app

A new app designed for Android phones and tablets helps students of all ages practise and improve their spelling. The Premier's Spelling Bee 2013 app features almost 3,000 words and corresponding sentences from the spelling competition of the same name. It also and uses Australian spelling and voices. The app features two categories - junior and senior - with a number of levels that increase in difficulty. Most adults would find the high levels in the senior category a challenge. The app is a companion to the free School A to Z app and... Read more

High Jump Finals

39 students to compete at zone level

After a very successful athletics carnival, 39 students will compete at zone level in Inverell this Friday.... Read more

touch image

Charlie Cush plays at State Touch Football Carnival

On the 22nd July 2013 Charlie travelled to Coffs Harbour to join fellow North West team mates competing in the state touch carnival. North West played 13 games over the three days against some very well polished sides. Hunter were the overall winners of the carnival with Polding runners up. Congratulations Charlie on making it this far.... Read more

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Our website goes mobile

It is now easier to view our website on your mobile phone or tablet. We have created a mobile version of the site with a range of features finetuned for when you are on the move. You can now more easily: dial or email us from your phone locate us via Google maps check our school calendar view our latest newsletter. You can also create a shortcut to our website on your phone home page Try the mobile version of our website now. Just visit from a smart phone or tablet device and follow the prompts.... Read more

Read all about it!!!! First edition hits the stands

Have you heard about the Buzz? Warialda Public School can now tick off "newspaper producers" from the list with the first edition of the "BUZZ" going to print. Chief Editor Ms Angela Taber and relieving principal Mrs Pam Murphy guided a small group of students through the many aspects of journalism to produce a newspaper to be proud of. Each student researched local people,places and events to create "The Buzz" which is now featured in the local Warialda Standard. Congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to the next... Read more

Rosie runs at State Cross Country

Rosie Mayne runs at state cross carnival for another year. Congratulations Rosie on your cross country success.... Read more

Developing organisational skills

Learning how to make time for homework, chores and other activities is a vital skill for all children but it's not one that always comes easily. This weekly schedule template (docx 15 KB) is a simple aid that can help kids better plan their time. Print one for your child's desk, one for the fridge and one for their school bag to help keep them on track. To personalise the template, simply click on the cell you wish to change and type. If you need to add or delete cells and don't know how, read these simple instructions . Using colour-coding... Read more

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Helping your child with their homework

How do you get your kids to keep on top of their homework? This School A to Z video features teachers talking about how parents can help kids take responsibility for their homework and avoid Thursday night meltdowns. Get more practical parent tips on the School A-Z website.... Read more

Denham chess champ

Denham marchant chess champ

Denham Marchant travelled to Inverell last Friday to compete in a round robin tournament of chess. Denham had 6 wins and a draw to bring home the winners trophy! Congratulations Denham.... Read more

Rosie number 1

Rosie to State for Cross Country

After coming first in the regional cross country in Coolah, Rosie has gained selection to compete at state level in Sydney for yet another year. Go Rosie!!... Read more

Captains represent school along with member for Parkes Mr Mark Coulton Mayor Mr John Coulton and member for new England Mr Adam Marshall

Captains represent school at Myall Creek Memorial

Warialda Public School's two boy captains Charlie Cush and Lachlan Martin travelled to Myall Creek on Sunday to represent the school at the annual Myall Creek Memorial. The boys received many positive comments on their uniform. Both boys were lucky enough to have their photo taken with member for Parkes Mr Mark Coulton, Gwydir Shire Mayor Mr John Coulton and State member for Northern Tablelands Mr Adam Marshall. Congratulations Charlie and Lachlan.... Read more

Getting ready for school camp

School camp is one of the highlights of childhood. Chances are you can still remember some of the campfire songs, the smell of damper cooking and the names of the kids you bunked with. However, it's also true that for some children (and their parents) the thought of staying away overnight can create a little anxiety. It's not uncommon for kids to worry about who they'll room with, ‘being left out' of things, whether something might go wrong, feeling homesick and other understandable concerns. Even the most outgoing and confident child may have... Read more

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"Deadly Australians" more like "Very generous Australian"

Yesterday Mr Marc Dorse visited our school with a captivating show of Deadly Australians. To our surprise after the show he kindly donated all the entry fee money back to the school to go towards supporting our students. Mr Dorse is a very entertaining man with a valuable story to tell. He has always been a welcomed visitor. Captains Charlie Cush and Lachlan Martin presented Mr Dorse with a certificate of appreciation. The children and staff look forward to his return.... Read more

Rugby League boys do it again!

Today the open boys Rugby League boys defeated Moree East 30-0.... Read more

Cyberbullying – what the experts say

Research into cyberbullying is still in its infancy but the one thing we do know is the online environment is really just a new setting for age-old issues. Cyberbullying is an extension of face-to-face bullying. It's all about relationships. When are kids most vulnerable to bullying? Bullying – online or offline – peaks for kids (and this is worldwide) at about Year 5, and again at about Year 7 or 8. The first peak coincides with children discovering the power of the peer group, and creating their own social pecking order. The second peak... Read more

Charlie Cush to play in state touch carnival

On Friday last Charlie Cush and Hunter Rose made the journey to Armidale. In freezing conditions the boys played 5 games against the other zones securing 4 wins and a draw.Charlie was selected in the possibles and probables team and played another game to secure a position in the North west team to play in the state carnival at Coffs Harbour in July. Both boys played well and showed fantastic sportsmanship. Congratulations must go to Hunter and Charlie.... Read more

Open boys league team defeats Bingara 32 - 0

The open boys rugby league team defeated Bingara in a match which displayed the boys athletisism, great ball skills and all round good team work to secure them with a score of 32 - 0. A big thank you to coach Mark Sankey and team manager Mrs Donna McWhirter. The boys move on to round two. We wish them luck in this round.... Read more

Privacy online

Protecting the privacy of personal information is increasingly important at a time when we are sharing more details about ourselves online than ever before. While interacting online can be great for kids, it also makes them more vulnerable. To help reduce the risk of cyberbullying, unwanted attention or breaches of their privacy, you can: encourage them to keep their usernames and passwords safe and not share them with anyone take them through the privacy settings of sites they join to ensure they are careful about what information they share... Read more

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Stay on top of homework

Kids and families tend to run more smoothly when there is a clear plan. So the online parent resource School A to Z has created printable homework and study calendars for each month of the year. The School A to Z website and mobile app can also help with common assignment and homework questions. In the Homework and study section you'll find links to useful websites, maths and English glossaries, and help sheets to make homework time easier in your house. Print your homework and study calendar pages for the rest of 2013. If you have ideas for... Read more

Becoming a good speller

Spelling is an important skill but one that can be a problem for many children. However, there are some simple strategies you can use to help your child develop confidence in their spelling ability. What you can do to help your child with spelling: Explain to your child that some words can be sounded out, but not all English words can be spelt correctly by ‘sounding out', eg the words ‘you' and ‘said'. Talk to your child about how you spell, and what you do when you don't know how to spell a word. Encourage your child to write at home on... Read more

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School zone safety

A reminder to parents about the operation of school speed zones around the Easter holidays. School zones exist for the safety of children and families; they will operate on Thursday 28 March, then resume on Tuesday 2 April. Forty-kilometres-an-hour school speed zones operate across New South Wales at all school sites on gazetted school days, which are all days the school is open, even pupil-free days. Find out more... Read more

Writing essays

Writing essays is a skill many of us have forgotten. But don't worry – here are a few tips to help you and your child, even if you're not familiar with the essay topic. Key points: Determine 'what is the question asking?' Essays follow a specific formula Introduction – state your response to the question and mention the points to be made in the body of the essay. Body – expand on the points introduced in the introduction. Don't introduce new thoughts at this stage. Conclusion – summarise the points discussed in the body. One idea per... Read more

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Great start videos

A panel of experts answers the most common questions parents have about how they can best support their kids' school life, study, wellbeing and development. In five brief segments, the experts share their tips on how parents can: help their kids reach their full potential at school and motivate them for learning support their child's social development and handle schoolyard conflict support kids through the teenage years. keep up with the technology their kids are using and how to keep them safe online. Watch the Great start videos... Read more